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Making Coffee with Grumble

This is how Grumble taught me to make cowboy coffee: Fill a giant pot with water and bring it to a rolling boil, then shut off the heat. Add your grounds (always more than you think you need, the coffee should be STRONG) and let them incorporate for five to seven minutes. Stir again, then toss in a cup of cold water and tap the bent-up pot with a ladle or cooking spoon to sink the grounds. Find someone to lift the pot and pour the coffee into the serving container with you, filtering it through a fine mesh strainer. Get a mug, fill it up, and brace yourself for a busy, caffeinated day.

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Nourishing Resistance

 What can food teach us about communities of resistance, mutual aid, and radical history? How can memories of a meal complicate the larger narrative, so often focused on specific events and individual changemakers? What lessons can we learn from those who have spent long hours in kitchens; feeding protesters, direct action campaigns, disaster relief efforts, and so much more? And why does it all matter?

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