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Victor Ceballos is Creating Beautiful Spaces of Celebration

I met Victor Ceballos while volunteering at No More Deaths’ humanitarian aid camp along the US-Mexico border in 2014, but it wasn’t until recently that I had the opportunity to sit down with the gardener and community organizer to learn more about his work. Victor’s infectious enthusiasm for self-watering containers and vermicompost systems, coupled with his years working with Tucson-based organizations Tierra y Libertad and No More Deaths, made for an illuminating, often hopeful conversation.

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In Defense of Eating

For most of my life, my New Year’s resolutions involved taking up less space. This would be the year I would run for five hours every day between twice daily pilates and yoga sessions until I barely existed. Then, maybe, I would deserve to exist. I would deserve to exist in the life of a man I was finally skinny enough to be loved by.

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